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Can putting off buying a property until 2015 cost you?

December 3rd, 2014

Having had some recent discussions with clients looking to purchase property, I have been interested to hear their opinions, with many people choosing to wait until the new year.

This surprises me and I have been suggesting these people pay close attention to the market this time of year, really taking time to try and uncover the vendors story from the real estate agent, as knowing the selling parties needs is key to an advantageous negotiation.

Most people are aware that what doesn’t sell this time of year will sit around until February 2015, without much interest over the holiday period. But in any market there are always those that are under pressure to sell, there are always a portion of sellers that are moving interstate for work, or even those looking to relocate to ensure their children get into a good school district. Some may be coming to the end of a working visa and may be moving offshore.

Whatever the circumstance may be, never ignore the property market. There are always sellers looking to get out quickly and happy to take below market value in order to move on with life. So if you are looking for a house, unit or villa in the foreseeable future, get out there now, take the time out to talk to the agent, put on a smile and say “Tell me a little about why the sellers on the market?”

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