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Business Loans

There are a number of situations suitable for business loans, ranging from commercial expansion to the acquisition of a new business.

Business loans work similarly to commercial property loans, but are generally secured by a director’s guarantee and a fixed and floating charge. A director’s guarantee is a personal guarantee of financial support for the loan if a company has limited assets. A fixed and floating charge secures the repayment of a loan by covering all non-trading assets (fixed) as well as cash and stock-in-trade (floating). The business can continue its usual operations without needing ongoing consent from the lender.

The main variant between business loans is the interest rate, which is dependent on the quality of the asset the bank is lending to fund. Another difference is the term of the loan which is preferably a combination of principal and interest repayments that is geared towards the lease length and conditions under which the business operates. Third party security can be used to assist in these transactions.

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